Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just A Few Of My Favorite Slips

Hello slipcover lovers!
I decided to post pictures of the some of the slips I have done for customers over the years. Some bring back such sweet memories and others, well...never mind, and still others I just love the picture itself. Hope you enjoy!

This chair was given to our customer by her Mother-In-Law and was her husband's grandmothers if I remember correctly. She wanted to show a little of the wood carving so I made a small opening and added a couple of tabs for a little extra detail.

On these matching sofas we simply followed the same pleats the upholster made and rather than using a flange or welt cord seam finish, we did a double top stitch using a heavy vintage cotton thread that just so happen to match the linen perfectly. I wish now I would have thought to get a close up of the top stitching.

These dinning room chairs were over 100 years old and as you can imagine, not one of them had the same measurements! We also made 'underware' for each chair due to the fact that the upholstery fabric underneath was a fairly bold stripe which could be seen under the linen. Challenging, yet fun. Over the years I have been very blessed to have some of the most awesome seamstresses help me sew. That was the case on this project. All I can say, and I do so most humbly...Roberta, you rock!!!

This linen Barley Twist Jacobian with button details on the arm sides and in the back was a challenge, but as they say, 'practice makes perfect.' The little chair and ottoman sitting in the chair I did in the same linen. It was really fun and came out so cute!

Brushed denim and a box pleat skirt - need I say more?

This little scalloped skirt turned out so cute and the ties, which you can't see, added such a casual feel to these linen slips. Often times I have added details that may not traditionally 'blend' but once the slips are finished, everything comers together perfectly. I just love adding details to slips. Whether it a dressmaker detail or a long standing home decor tradition, the more details the better!

This was a piece I made and sold at the sale at Red Shed in Grapevine. This is a really bad picture but this was just about the most awesome cloth I have ever worked with. It was a pale green cotton blend Jacquard and I made a continuous pleat seam finish out of silk. It was just incredible. Needless to say I wish I could get my hands on more of this cloth...and it was washable!!! Oh yea, it sold in the first 5 minutes of the sale.

Simple little slip with a box pleat skirt.

And last but by no means least...a couple of my favorite pictures of all.

Sunday morning in our back yard a long time ago. :o)

Toile's well.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Most Awesome Slipcover in Oklahoma!

Sheila you are so talented girl!!!
I wish I could shout it from the roof tops!
"Everyone look at this piece of art!"

Would you just look at the front arm panels, the perrrrrrrfect cushion covers, and that LINED SKIRT!!!

Sheila has to be one of the most talented people I know. She worked so hard to get every pattern piece marked and perfectly in place. Her sewing is meticulous and is clearly seen in her first slipcover  PIECE OF ART!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Do You Get In Oklahoma USA?

Well, first you get to see that there are still corn fields in Amercia where one is very tempted to stop and pick a few ears right off the stalks and eat them like we did as kids!

Then, you get to learn about Okie Noodling  What is Okie Noodling? It's a sport, and good ole clean American fun! I think....

But most of all you get to meet really great people! Here are some pictures from teaching in Oklahoma. I most humbly say: Thank you so much for allowing me in to your home Sheila and Terry~

Pattern making techneque