Friday, December 2, 2011

Angie Knowles

I first met Angie several years ago at the Slipcover Summit she hosted in Florida. It just so happened that she was not only my teacher, she was also my roommate. I have learned sew much from Angie and at times I must confess, I sit back and marvel at how much this gal knows about sewing. I often wonder, "how on earth did she ever think to even do that."

This leads me to the reason I wanted to write about Angie today. My first jaw dropping experience was back all those years ago at the Summit when I first heard Angie talking about making an entire slipcover from just measurements. Next came her awesome Parson's chair slipcover pattern.

Now Angie's done it again with her Quick Pleaters for making knife pleats and box pleats. The really cool thing about Angie's pleaters is that they are not just for home decor items, you can actually use them in garment sewing as well. You name it, pillows, skirts and seam finishes, dust ruffles, window treatments, hand bags, jackets, skirts, blouses and the list goes on. If you can imagine it, you can use Angie's pleaters to make it!

The pleaters come in two different sizes, there is a Mini Set that includes 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ pleaters and the Reg Set which includes 2″, 3″, 4″ pleaters.

Check out Angie's video!

I hope you will remember the Quick Pleaters on your next project and give Angie a call!

Angie Knowles
threadneedle studio

Monday, November 28, 2011

Slipcover Classes In The Privacy of Your Own Home!

If you have 8-10 hours one Saturday and an ample amount
of space to host you and 2-4 of your friends who are also
wanting to learn how to make slipcovers, then you have a
Sheffield's Custom Slips Slipcover Class!
Here's how our Slipcover Classes work:
ROLL CALL: It can be only you, or you and up to 4 of your friends.
FURNITURE: The piece of furniture must be small and light enough for you to comfortably transport and move around as you make the slip.
MATERIALS LIST: You will need your sewing machine, serger if you have one, and your 100% cotton PREWASHED fabric. 
TUITION: (within Metroplex)
Each Student - $125
HOST: For each BFF you get to come
you will receive $10 off your tuition!
Each student must have basic sewing skills, know and understand
how to use your machine and basic knowledge of slipcover styles.
To host your DIY Slipcover Class contact Barbie at

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Winner is...

First Place goes to Jeanne Liberkowski of Orlando,FL
Absolutely incrediable design and workmanship!
If you have a minute, go over to the
Slipcover Network Blog and see the other winners!

Have a blessed week and be a blessing!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slipcover Network Contestants

Here are a few of the entries in the 2011 Slipcover Network Contest. Such great talent. The winner  has yet to be announced and we are all anxiously waiting!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slipcover Network Contest

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are staying cool this summer!
The 2011 annual Slipcover Network contest entries are in and it is time to vote for your favorite slip! If you have a minute go over to the Network blog and vote. I know all those who entered will be thankful!
The voting started today and goes through June 24th. Please don't vote in the comment section but rather send an email to with your top two picks.
There are some pretty cute slips this year and a whole lot of talent!

Lots n Lots of love,


Sunday, May 29, 2011

French Flange Seam Finishes

For as many years as I have been making slips I have been using a French Flange seam finish. Until recently though, most people prefer welt cord seam finish. Both are cut on the bias and both, typically, are cut at 2 inches in width, which when finished and sewn in, makes for a half inch flange.
One very special friend happened to walk by while I was making my pattern on her chaise and saw the raw edges before I trimmed for my seam allowance. She absolutely loved the wide width of the edges.

We had already decided that we would use a flange seam finish on the chaise but since she loved the larger width we decided to go with a one inch flange. Here is the result.

Another shot after the piece was moved to different
part of the house.

The moral of the story is this: don't be afraid to try new things. If you have an idea in mind, go ahead and try it. My friend loves her chaise slip. Is it traditional? No. Is it like any you will see out there? No. That is the beauty of custom and that is the beauty of using your imagination to design unique, one of a kind slips!!! If you can think, honestly, you can do it!