Monday, November 28, 2011

Slipcover Classes In The Privacy of Your Own Home!

If you have 8-10 hours one Saturday and an ample amount
of space to host you and 2-4 of your friends who are also
wanting to learn how to make slipcovers, then you have a
Sheffield's Custom Slips Slipcover Class!
Here's how our Slipcover Classes work:
ROLL CALL: It can be only you, or you and up to 4 of your friends.
FURNITURE: The piece of furniture must be small and light enough for you to comfortably transport and move around as you make the slip.
MATERIALS LIST: You will need your sewing machine, serger if you have one, and your 100% cotton PREWASHED fabric. 
TUITION: (within Metroplex)
Each Student - $125
HOST: For each BFF you get to come
you will receive $10 off your tuition!
Each student must have basic sewing skills, know and understand
how to use your machine and basic knowledge of slipcover styles.
To host your DIY Slipcover Class contact Barbie at